Life is short and full of chances. No matter where you go, what you do, or who you meet, you're given a chance: the chance to tackle even the smallest challenge ahead of you or the chance to sit this one out. But you're not the type to sit this one out. Or the one after that. No. Your life is full of the most extreme chances at happiness, fun, and doing what you love, whether it's riding the waves at the beach or brushing up on your Parkour skills. That's where the Impulse Sport comes in.

Designed for adventure, the Impulse Sport camera, like you, is up for anything. It takes pictures and records video. Compact and waterproof up to 20 meters, the Impulse Sport isn't afraid of getting a little dirty. It can go just about anywhere from backpacks and back pockets to handle bars and helmets and with motion detection, loop recording, and anti-shake technology, the Impulse Sport will always take the best action shot.

Take the Impulse Sport with you to record all of life's chances. Don't sit this one out. Get your Sport on!